Handles: the user interface of your windows

When you are manufacturing and marketing any product, one of the most powerful things you can do is think from your customer’s point of view.

No matter how long the distribution chain, the ultimate customer for any window is the end user. That might be a homeowner, a hotel guest or...[more]



Passivhaus: The experts speak

In a previous article, we looked at the Passivhaus specification. This time, we talk to three leading figures from the Passivhaus movement about their work and views on the future of sustainable building.




Passivhaus - What exactly is one?

It's been described as the future of construction - a way to create new, environmentally friendly, sustainable homes and also retrofit old ones to save them from becoming obsolete. So what's actually happening in the Passivhaus movement right now? Is it gaining any ground - and what does the...[more]



Open-Out Windows: A Roto Hardware Guide

As a window manufacturer, you're always being bombarded with information about products. Various manufacturers are always trying to get your attention and convince you theirs is the best.

But how many of them really look at it from your point of view?

We're going to talk about...[more]



Extreme weather: how can hardware help with flood protection?

Something you've undoubtedly noticed in the media over the last few months is an increase in the number of reports about extreme weather.

It's happening across the globe.




What does VBH have to offer the British window and door fabricator? We put 10 questions to managing director Peter Rowlands

Roto has a long-standing trading partnership with VBH worldwide. In Britain, the two companies have been working together for more than three decades.

For this article, we decided to go straight to the top. We did our best to think of some of the things a fabricator might ask if they had...[more]



What do you think when you find out something is 'german made'?

You may soon notice, if you haven't already, that something new has appeared next to the Roto logo.

Featuring the black, red and gold from a very familiar tricolour flag, it bears the legend 'german made'.

So, what does 'german made' mean to you?

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